Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 19: Custom Corner Cupboards

There are two of these custom corner cupboards with a unique hinged triangle drawer.

Day 18: French Door

The original front door was a french door with panes that matched the smaller windows.

Day 17: YALE Cabinet Latches

There are several of these retro cabinet latches from the 1930's still in the Log Cabin. They are also a classic YALE form of the period.

Day 16: Skeleton Keys

A selection of the sorts of skeleton keys used for lever locks of the 1930's

Day 15: YALE Door Lock

Above the Daniel Boone Latch there is a YALE rim lever door lock from the late 1930's

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 14: Daniel Boone Style Slide Bolt

A special feature is the slide bolt which is latched with a knot of wood.

Day 13: Huntly Fire Bricks

Huntly fire bricks were used inside the fireplace. Fire bricks were first made in Huntly in 1884. The company was registered 1911 'The Huntly Brick and Fireclay Ltd'. Then in 1961 the name was changed to 'The Huntly Brick Company Ltd'.